How to Become an Entrepreneur in Armenia

How can a person engage in entrepreneurship in the RA? By registering as an individual entrepreneur, By establishing a commercial legal person. Who qualifies as an individual entrepreneur (IE)? IE is a person who is entitled to carry out an activity without forming a legal entity, independently, on his/her behalf and at his/her risk, the


How much are corporate taxes in Armenia?

Armenia has a flat corporate tax rate of 20%, with a worldwide tax base. This applies to both local companies and branches or subsidiaries of foreign companies. Turnover tax also exists, where it is 1% on trade, 3.5% on manufacturing, and 5% on all other activities. This is optional. You choose between turnover tax and


How much is income tax in Armenia?

Individuals pay taxes on income earned in Armenia. Income originated in other countries may be taxable in Armenia only if the individual is a resident of Armenia, i.e. stays in Armenia for more than 183 days within a 12-months period. Dividends, capital gains from sale of stock, insurance payments, income from farming, and certain other


Getting a Social Service Card

If you want to work in Armenia or have access to social services, you must have what is known as a social card. After you receive your registration, go to your local police station and approach a window and tell them you are looking for a social service card. They will ask you if you


Getting Your Registration

In order to work in Armenia, you need to receive a registration. The purpose of the registration is to be sure that you are actually living in Armenia. Although it is not required that you get your registration, if you want to work in Armenia or if you intend to be an employee of a


Labour Laws

What are my rights as an employee? An employee’s normal working time must not exceed 8 hours per day and 40 hours per week. During the working day, employees must be given time to rest (at least 30 minutes) Employees generally do not work on Sundays The law provides for paid annual leave Pregnant employees



What are the rules about bringing goods to Armenia? You can bring in a certain amount of goods for personal (non-commercial) use without paying duty or tax if you transport them yourself. Tax-free allowance differs for various goods, for example: Foodstuff – 5 kilos Beverages – 2 litres Cigarettes – 400 Cigars – 10 Tobacco



What documents are necessary to apply for RA citizenship?   Please prepare the following documents when applying for RA citizenship:   application; passport and a copy of the passport; 6 (colour) photographs of 35 x 45 mm size; birth certificate and a copy of the birth certificate; marriage certificate and a copy of the marriage



There are three options available for the legalisation of residence in Armenia: Acquisition of citizenship of the Republic of Armenia; Acquisition of refugee status; Acquisition of residence status. How do these statuses differ? Citizenship is a permanent solution to the displacement problem, as opposed to the refugee status and residence permit, which are of a


Entry Visas

What is the term of the RA entry visa? Entry visas of the Republic of Armenia are issued for single entry for a term of up to 120-day stay, with the possibility of extension for a maximum term of up to 60 days. Article 9 of the RA Law “On Foreigners” How to obtain RA


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