Resume Examples (Armenian)

Example 1 Example 2 Example 3 Example 4 Այս հատվածը մեջբերվել է–ից։


Top Five Things You Can Learn from a Failed Interview

Failing an interview and not getting the job is always a frustrating and heart-breaking experience. And if the last unsuccessful attempt wasn’t the only one from a long line of attempts and failures, the disappointment can take the shape of a true catastrophe. But there is light in the darkest of times, human resources experts


How to Write an Effective Resume and Apply for a Job

The job market nowadays is fairly competitive and each year it gets filled with new specialists. For that reasons, to be offered a job it is important to have the necessary knowledge and experience. It is also no less important to know how to effectively present that knowledge and skill, since the first impression created


How much is income tax in Armenia?

Individuals pay taxes on income earned in Armenia. Income originated in other countries may be taxable in Armenia only if the individual is a resident of Armenia, i.e. stays in Armenia for more than 183 days within a 12-months period. Dividends, capital gains from sale of stock, insurance payments, income from farming, and certain other


Getting a Social Service Card

If you want to work in Armenia or have access to social services, you must have what is known as a social card. After you receive your registration, go to your local police station and approach a window and tell them you are looking for a social service card. They will ask you if you


Getting Your Registration

In order to work in Armenia, you need to receive a registration. The purpose of the registration is to be sure that you are actually living in Armenia. Although it is not required that you get your registration, if you want to work in Armenia or if you intend to be an employee of a


Labour Laws

What are my rights as an employee? An employee’s normal working time must not exceed 8 hours per day and 40 hours per week. During the working day, employees must be given time to rest (at least 30 minutes) Employees generally do not work on Sundays The law provides for paid annual leave Pregnant employees


Best Job/Vacancy Websites in Armenia

For your convenience, a list of vacancy websites has been compiled below and includes the languages used on each website, as well as social media pages.   Site Social Media Armenian English Russian Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Google+ yes yes Facebook yes yes Facebook yes yes yes Facebook yes yes Facebook


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