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On May 19-22, 2016 the Yerevan Expo Centre opened its doors to the Syrian Armenians

On May 19-22, 2016  the Yerevan Expo Centre opened its doors to the Syrian Armenians, who presented their products and services. More than 50 enterprises showed the products made in their homeland during the four days of exhibition.

The organizer and the implementer of the “Week of Economic Opportunities” forum is the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ). Promotion of economic activities of Syrian Armenians, introducing the products and the services of our compatriots to the consumers, integration of Syrian Armenian-owned enterprises into the Armenian economy, as well as consolidation of efforts by different organizations and developing a united support strategy: these are the targets, which were set by the initiative of the GIZ”Economic Integration of Syrian Refugees in Armenia”  project.

The RA President did not limit his presence at the scene only by official part. Serzh Sargsyan visited all the pavilions with interest, talked to the Syrian Armenian entrepreneurs, asked about the products. The variety of products included sweets, needlework, flavoured soaps, machinery construction, and automatic control systems. The President paid special attention to the hi-tech products emphasizing that the development and promotion of this sector is the main guarantee for the development of Armenia’s economy.

The exhibition, organized in the framework of “Week of Economic Opportunities” forum has pleasantly surprised all the visitors. Only few people knew that besides high-quality clothes, shoes and food, Syrian Armenian entrepreneurs produce medical tools, industrial printers, automatic control systems and know-how equipment for reducing the car fuel consumption.

The Syrian Armenian entrepreneurs acknowledged that the forum was one of the few events, which had practical benefits: some found potential partners, others expanded the consumer market, there were people who gained practical knowledge about organising business and finding jobs in Armenian market.

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