Training Opportunities for Syrian Armenians

The Savings Banks Foundation for International Cooperation (SBFIC) works with the Syrian Armenian Union to provide the following trainings:


Financial System in Armenia (FSA) Training on the introduction to the Armenian Financial Sector
Micro-Entrepreneurial Simulation Training (MEST) Basic seminars for potential micro and small entrepreneurs aiming to develop entrepreneurial skills and mindset; Around 110 representatives of the target group trained
Business Plan Development Seminar (BPDS) and Follow-up Coaching The BPD seminar is a follow-up for the MEST trained participants, which includes business education activities, coaching on stages of designing a business plan and presenting it to a potential funder.

After the BPDS participants may apply for start-up finance (loan or grant).

Afterwards the participants will be provided with further coaching sessions with consultancy on topics such as taxation, accounting, marketing and other related topics.

Employability Training  An introductory training for intern/bank employees from the target group in the financial service providers.