How to Write an Effective Resume and Apply for a Job

The job market nowadays is fairly competitive and each year it gets filled with new specialists. For that reasons, to be offered a job it is important to have the necessary knowledge and experience. It is also no less important to know how to effectively present that knowledge and skill, since the first impression created by one’s resume is what determines whether the employer will invite you for an interview or simple delete your application letter. Thus, it is imperative to leave a good impression from the very beginning. And the first impression begins, even though it may seem surprising, not from one’s resume, but from one’s email address. A good resume, of course, is the most important, but is not the first on the list.

Presentable Email Address

The first part of making a good impression is the email address itself. You can tell for yourself which is more preferable: Dinulik Mrutik <> or Diana Sargsyan <>. Therefore, “cute and cuddly” addresses may be reserved for keeping in touch with friends of social media nicknames, but when applying to a job, one must aquire an appropriate email address, especially given the fact that today the best email platforms are free of charge.

Cover Letter

As impressive as your resume may be, very few employers will consider your candidacy without a cover letter. For this reason, you it is necessary to write at least a short, but effective cover letter without errors (in Armenian), where you should note why you are interested in the given job and highlight those skills and qualifications, which according to you are important for the given job.

Short and Sweet Resume

In order for an employer to consider your candidacy out of the hundreds of applicants, it is necessary to present an impressive resume. However, it is also important to remember that your resume should not be exaggerated, as that can quickly be disproved. To write an effective resume, follow the following rules.

It should be concise and solid and should not contain any unnecessary information. A one- or two-page resume is ideal and it should not extend include an extra details that may prove uninteresting to the employer. Examples of this include: marital status, nationality, citizenship, birthday or birth place. If you are truly a qualified candidate, none of these details will matter to the employer. It is also unnecessary to include “CV” or “Resume” at the top. Instead, write only your name and last name.

Contact Information

This section should include your email address and phone number so that the employer may get in touch with you. Here, it is important to remember that it is not necessary to list all of your email addresses. Instead, list only one or two at most.

Professional Experience

After your contact information, you should present your professional experience, which you should be written in reverse order, beginning with the current or most recent position and leading back to those preceding it. For each position you list should mention the year in which you held them. Furthermore, when listing positions, you should write the name of the company, your title, as well as the job responsibilities and achievement that you had at this post.


Education is also listed in reverse order. You may exclude information about your primary education and only mention higher education degrees. Make sure to state the year your entered and graduated, the name of the educational institution, faculty and department.

Languages and Other Skills

At the end of your resume, you should list the languages and other skills that are relevant to the job you are applying for.


Many resumes contain a photo even in cases when the application does not call for it. Try to remember that in this case it is not necessary to attach a photo, and in the end you will be invited to an interview based on your knowledge and experience. For the cases when a photo is required, present a simple photo without anything extra. Do not use one that you would post on a social media platform.

Always remember that the goal of a resume is to attract attention and by following the guidelines above you will surely grab the attention of the employer.

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