Getting Your Registration

In order to work in Armenia, you need to receive a registration. The purpose of the registration is to be sure that you are actually living in Armenia. Although it is not required that you get your registration, if you want to work in Armenia or if you intend to be an employee of a business you establish, especially a sole proprietorship, you must go through this process.

Getting Your Registration

As soon as you’re granted residency or citizenship, head over to your local police station and tell them you want to get your registration. This is not a complex process but can be time-consuming so it’s best to take care of this as soon as you get your residency card.

You’ll have to hand over your residency card to the clerk helping you and they will have you fill out a form asking you where you live and what your phone number is.

In the next week, you will receive a phone call from a police officer who will ask when you will be home. Be sure to plan your week so you do not have too many important things scheduled because it is expected that if you’re not already at your apartment, you will be able to get there within an hour, at most. Let the homeowner/landlord know about this process.

The police officer will come to your home, look around, make sure you actually live there and fill out some paperwork that he will then ask you to sign. After your meeting, you will be able to pick up your registered and stamped residency card at the police station where you left it.

This section is cited from RepatArmenia Foundation.