What are the rules about bringing goods to Armenia?

You can bring in a certain amount of goods for personal (non-commercial) use without paying duty or tax if you transport them yourself. Tax-free allowance differs for various goods, for example:

Foodstuff – 5 kilos
Beverages – 2 litres
Cigarettes – 400
Cigars – 10
Tobacco – 1 kilo
Mobile phones – 2

Used personal items with no original factory packaging and labelling are also tax exempt if you transport them yourself.

If you go over your allowance you pay customs duty and possibly other taxes. The exact rates will depend on the type of goods. Normally 10% customs duty and 20% import VAT should apply. You must pay the duties before the release of goods unless they come from a Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) country in which case the payment may be deferred.

Goods imported by postal or courier services are not subject to import duties unless their customs value exceeds 200,000 AMD or their weight exceeds 30 kilos. If the customs value exceeds 200,000 AMD but is less than 1,000 euros the rate of the import duty is 22.5%. If the customs value exceeds 1,000 euros or the weight exceeds 30 kilos the rate of the import duty is 30%. These duties do not apply to goods coming from EEU countries.

You must declare cash of USD 10,000 and more (or the equivalent in other currency) if you take it between Armenia and any non-EEU country.

Are there any specific rules that which apply to repatriates? Who qualifies as a repatriate?


A “repatriate” is a person who has permanently resided (i.e. spent at least 184 days per year) outside of Armenia for the last 5 years or has a status of a refugee.

A repatriate can import tax-free used personal and household items with no original factory packaging and labelling that were purchased before his arrival to Armenia. There are restrictions on the number of personal and household devices (max. 3 items of each type) and furniture (1 set of each type). Moreover, only one vehicle can be imported tax-free, provided it was registered for at least 6 months in the name of the repatriate in the last country of residence before his arrival to Armenia.

The goods can be imported tax-free within 18 months following the repatriate’s “arrival for permanent residence” to Armenia. The date of “arrival for permanent residence” is the day when the repatriate registers his address with the police (or, if the address had already been registered, the day of filing a statement with the customs office). This must happen within 180 days after the repatriate’s actual arrival to Armenia.

The repatriate must file an application for tax-free import with the customs office specifying the name, weight and number of items imported. The customs office has up to 8 business days to grant or reject the application.

A repatriate can take advantage of this tax exemption once every five years.

What things are illegal to bring to Armenia?

The list of goods the import of which is prohibited or subject to special permits includes weapons, illegal drugs, endangered animal and plant species, obscene materials etc.


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This section is cited from RepatArmenia Foundation.