2018 March
Bringing the Colours

The effects of Syrian Armenian economic integration in Armenia.

2018 January
RESTART: Syrian Armenians Planting Their Entrepreneurial Spirit in Armenia
2017 November
Economic Integration of Syrian Refugees in Armenia – EISRA

Factsheet of GIZ “Economic Integration of Syrian Refugees in Armenia” project

2017 November
Economic Integration of Syrian Refugees in Armenia: Needs Assessment Report

This report was elaborated and published within the framework of the project “Economic Integration of Syrian Refugees in Armenia” within “Private Sector Development South Caucasus” programme implemented by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

2017 February
RESTART: Syrian Armenians Implanting Their Entrepreneurial Spirit in Armenia

This book tells the business stories of people who have fled Syria mainly because of the civil war to start a new life in their ancestral homeland Armenia. The name “RESTART: Syrian Armenians Planting their Entrepreneurial Spirit in Armenia” reflects the path that was common for most of the people featured in the stories. The road to success was not always easy to navigate.

Most of the repatriates had lots of obstacles to overcome, but they did not give up and made first a stumbling, then a steadier step. What unites them is an aspiration to utilise their experiences, motivation and skills to enrich Armenian economy.

2017 January
SNAPSHOT – MosShoes Exhibition

EISRA project supported 2 Syrian Armenian shoemaking businesses to take part in the exhibition:
exhibition participation; Ava Shoes, K&K Shoes.

2017 January
SNAPSHOT – Week of Economic Opportunities (WEO) in Yerevan, Armenia

As an initial impactful project activity, GIZ EISRA organised “Week of Economic Opportunities (WEO)” business forum on 19-22 May 2016 at Yerevan Expo to promote entrepreneurship, job orientation, networking and capacity building for supporting the economic integration of Syrian refugees in Armenia.

2017 January
SNAPSHOT – International Jewellery & Watch Exhibition Junwex Yerevan Show (27 – 30 October 2016) Lady Expo Yerevan

GIZ EISRA, SAU and their stakeholders engaged SA businesses and supported their participation together with the German Business Association (DWV) in Armenia.

These entrepreneurs from the Armenian Diaspora in Syria fled the country because of the ongoing civil war and had to build their businesses from scratch. Due to the small market size in Armenia, facilitation of the participation in exhibitions is a valuable assistance to SA businesses to revive the access to different markets, find customers and establish sectoral business relationships and cooperation.

2016 December
SNAPSHOT – 1st Armenia Expo 2016 in Tehran, Iran 5 October – 8 October 2016

The “1st Armenia Expo 2016 in Tehran, Iran” was initiated by the RA Ministry of Economic Development and Investments, the Development Foundation of Armenia (DFA) and the Armenian Embassy in Iran to showcase the Armenian industrial and trade potential to Iranian and other international business people. The expo took place with an own Armenian pavilion as part of Tehran International Industry Exhibition 2016.

2016 November

Annual topic: economic integration of displaced Syrian persons in Armenia.