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Success Story Success Story of “Tartist” by Hadeel Layous

‘Tartist’ is all about combining baking and tart


Before launching her business – “Tartist”,  Hadeel was new to town and she was directed to come visit Syrian Armenian Union. From that moment we welcomed Hadeel and her family, we started exploring the market and found out that no one in Yerevan could paint on cakes or cookies. She states “I use the gingerbread and decorate it with royal icing. It is very smooth and sweet, very few people like to work with royal icing because it’s really tricky and difficult; it needs to be very quick and accurate and any small difference or mistake in mixing it will ruin everything,” she claims.
Hadeel approaches her cookies and tarts as if they were buildings or paintings, and creates unique
edible structures on her own. Now one is allowed to her ‘office’ except her. Sam only helps her with
branding, dealing with printers, wrapping materials etc., which should coincide with food safety

In 2019, with our help we wrote down business plan for her and applied for FAR’s Small Business Assistance Program (SBA) one of our business partner. Hadeel was provided with professional oven and mixer, as well as decorative and cooking supplements to progress her business and meet her clients’ deadlines in time. “Oven and the mixer were the most needed items for me. When I put the tray into the oven a part of it would burn and the other part would be raw. It was not helping at all and I didn’t have the money to invest in the tools at that time. Now I can bake a big quantity and they all look the same taste, It was a big help for us,” she notes adding she now bakes 30 boxes of cookies per week, and if not this oven, it would have taken her three months to bake them all. We had a Food and Drink Expo at Mergelyan institute from May 24 to 26, 2019, Syrian Armenians Union participated by providing spots to eight Syrian Armenians which made it possible for them to display their products and meet with new people and get acquainted, one of them was Tartist. The funding of the participation was made possible by World Vision Armenia which funded us with almost full payment for these three days of participation.



Her cookies were that beautiful and interesting that MO TV suggested to have an interview and we did have one on how are the process of preparing the cookies, since there was language differences one of SAU’s staff went to the interview to translate.







You can find Tartist

at Facebook

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You can order anything that comes to your mind to make your loved one’s day. Announcement for engagement, pregnancy, Baptism or birthday…Hadeel makes cookies that can help people expose their feelings and emotions. “I want to present my cookies as a gift item, a box that you can take to be presentable, to be given to someone special.



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